1. Lanskoe Highway
  2. How They See Off the Ships
  3. Thank You Baby
  4. Suliko
  5. Life Is a Journey
  6. Minutes of Music
  7. Now and Forever
  8. The Lyrical Song
  9. Song About a Friend
  10. The Officers
  11. First Encounter
  12. Rodina
  13. Nu Vot!
  14. Time Signature
  15. She’s Gone

RODINA is David Monte Cristo’s first full-length CD and was inspired by his love for Russian Music/Poetry and by his early musical influences. David learned the Russian language as a child growing up in Tbilisi, Georgia and up until his emigration to the US in 1973 was exposed to Russian music via Radio and TV. Some of the Russian songs on this CD come from that period (“Minutes of Music”, “Song about a Friend” and “How They See off the Ships”). The CD also contains two covers of songs written by V. S. Vysotsky (whose impact and style in Russia have been compared to Bob Dylan in America or Georges Brassens in France) and an electronic version of the famous Russian song “RODINA” inspired by the soundtrack from the Soviet war movie “Shchit I Mech” (Shield and Sword) – 1968. The song “Lanskoe Highway” is a song about St. Petersburg. The English vocals include a cover of Black Sabbath’s “She’s Gone” from the album Technical Ecstasy and two songs written and composed by David Monte Cristo (“Thank You Baby” and “Life is a Journey”). The rest of the CD consists of four New Age/Synthpop Instrumentals and a cover of the Georgian song “Suliko”.

New York City Street Fair
  1. Nadia
  2. R5
  3. Pearl Drops
  4. Dragon Man
  5. I Wish I Only Knew
  6. The Winner Take it All
  7. New Age Techno Trance
  8. Queen of Sheba
  9. Glass Poem
  10. Blood is Blood
  11. Killer Crack
  12. Deja Vu
  13. Time and Space

New York City Street Fair was recorded using the Roland R-5 and R-8 Human Rhythm Composer and the Alesis QuadraSynth Plus (Vintage 1996) with vocals by David Monte Cristo. It was inspired by NYC. The songs were performed at the Street Fair “A Day at the Movies” held in mid-town Manhattan. New York City Street Fair includes an electronic rendition of ABBA’s hit “The Winner Takes It All”.

Epoch 2000
  1. B-52 Runway
  2. Limelight DJ
  3. No More Mr. Nice Guy
  4. Rave Chant
  5. Overdrive
  6. Kamaloka
  7. The Carl Orff Experience
  8. Interface

Technologic Epoch 2000 was recorded using the Roland R-8 Human Rhythm Composer and the Yamaha CS-1x and the Korg DSS-1 synthesizers. It has a hard-driving, consistent time signature with New Age rifts and was inspired by the New York City dance/club scene in the early and mid-90’s and especially nights at the dance club Limelight.

My Lucky Star
  1. My Lucky Star
  2. World of Flowers
  3. My City of Tbilisi
  4. White Stallion
  5. Doubts
  6. Clouds
  7. Cold Winter
  8. Motherland
  9. Two Pots
  10. Tbiliso
  11. Art
  12. Palms
  13. You’ll See

My Lucky Star is collaboration between the Georgian singer Tata Chubinidze and David Monte Cristo. It contains 11 popular songs from Georgia and Russia and a cover of Madonna’s “You’ll See”.

From an early age Tata has dedicated herself to music. In her native country of Georgia there is a long tradition of vocal excellence, and it was here that she received her artistic training. As the lead vocalist in the groups “Maisi”, “Magic Roads” and “Berikoni”, she has toured and performed in Russia, Eastern Europe and the Caucasus. She has performed as a soloist for the Georgian State Philharmonic and as an invited performer at the 20th All-Union Conference in Moscow. Here she performed for a delegation at the prestigious Ostankino Concert Hall and received high praise for her song “Zherebyonok” (Pony). She also performed on Russian State Television and received the coveted prize “The Crystal Rose” at the All-Union Contemporary Music Festival in Moscow in 1989. Also in that year, the record company Melodiya released an album in which she appeared as the lead vocalist of the group “Berikoni”.

Tata has received many honors and awards for her musical, artistic and academic talents. She is currently living in New York City.

  1. I Who Have Nothing
  2. She Breaks Windows
  3. Graduation
  4. Toccata in D Minor
  5. Resurrection
  6. El Bimbo
  7. Calypso
  8. Posterity
  9. Sweetest Protection
  10. Shot of Yesterday
  11. House Dance
  12. Wendy’s Rap
  13. Led Zeppelin
  14. Negative O
  15. EKG
  16. Wine of Kahuri

Underground was performed by David Monte Cristo and James Michaels and consists of the best jam sessions and studio recordings held over the period from 1995 – 2000. The instrumentation used was the Roland R-8 Human Rhythm Composer and the Yamaha CS-1x, Alesis Quadrasynth and Korg DSS-1 Synthesizers. This CD has 5 vocals by David Monte Cristo including covers of the songs “I Who Have Nothing” written and composed by Leiber, Stoller, Donida and Mogol, “El Bimbo” by Claude Morgan and “Sweetest Perfection” by M. L Gore of Depeche Mode. The original vocals are “Posterity” and “Shot of Yesterday” by David Monte Cristo and D. Roland.

Shot of Yesterday
  1. Shot of Yesterday
  2. Seasons in the Sun
  3. San Tropez
  4. Servants of the Sun
  5. C’est la Vie
  6. Lady in Black
  7. Come to Me
  8. I’m a Better Man
  9. Spread Your Wings
  10. Come Back to Me
  11. Behind the Wheel
  12. Dreams
  13. Enjoy the Silence
  14. I Will Survive
  15. Soldier of Fortune
  16. Policy of Truth
  17. Nights in White Satin

Shot of Yesterday consists of 17 vocal arrangements performed by David Monte Cristo. Four of these vocals are original compositions (“Shot of Yesterday”, “Servants of the Sun”, “Come to Me” and “Dreams”) and 13 are English and American Pop and Rock hits from the 60’s, 70’s and 80’s (“Seasons in the Sun”, “San Tropez”, “C’est la Vie”, “Lady in Black”, “I’m a Better Man”, “Spread Your Wings”, “Come Back to Me”, “Behind the Wheel”, “Enjoy the Silence”, “I Will Survive”, “Soldier of Fortune”, “Policy of Truth” and “Nights in White Satin”).

The 6th Component
  1. Song 1
  2. Song 2
  3. Song 3
  4. Song 4
  5. Song 5
  6. Song 6
  7. Song 7
  8. Song 8
  9. Song 9
  10. Song 10
  11. Song 11
  12. Song 12
  13. Song 13
  14. Song 14
  15. Song 15
  16. Song 16
  17. Song 17
  18. Song 18
  19. Song 19
  20. Song 20

The 6th Component consists of 20 instrumental arrangements composed and performed by David Monte Cristo. The instrumentation used was a Roland R-8 Human Rhythm Composer and the Yamaha CS-1x and Roland RS-9 synthesizers. It is performed and arranged in a consistent and stimulating style and yet is relaxing and brings you to a center of control.

This CD is dedicated to Virgo and to all hard-working and talented chemical, mechanical, electrical and computer engineers.

Piano Solo
  1. All My Loving
  2. Girl
  3. Forever Young
  4. Sabre Dance
  5. Flying
  6. You’ll See
  7. Waiting for the Night
  8. Yesterday
  9. The Tide is High
  10. Just the Way You Are
  11. X Offender
  12. Masquerade
  13. Stairway to Heaven
  14. Thank You
  15. I Don’t Know How to Love Him
  16. Eyes of a Child

Piano Solo is a compilation of Pop, Rock and Classical Hits performed by David Monte Cristo on a Yamaha Grand Piano.

Girls Audition
  1. Introduction
  2. Delusion
  3. Dreamland Part 1
  4. Scales
  5. Religion
  6. Girl #2
  7. Girl #4
  8. Dance Drums 13-2
  9. My Goal
  10. At the Shore
  11. Sweetheart
  12. Girl #8
  13. Girl #8
  14. 138 Bowery
  15. Girl #9
  16. First Chapter
  17. Dreamland Part 2
  18. Anger
  19. Dance Drums
  20. Girl #7
  21. Grief
  22. Revival
  23. Thunderstorm

Girls Audition is a compilation of female vocalists and instrumentals. We placed an ad in the Village Voice for New Age female vocalists in the style of Enya. We also auditioned female poets and Hip Hop singers. We recorded these auditions and they are mixed with original recordings by David Monte Cristo and James Michaels.